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I had disobeyed Master. And he was very upset. So upset that he tied me to our bed, and put my blindfold and gag on me... and left. I was so sad, cryi...g my eyes out. I craved the touch of my Master, and he was denying me. I knew I deserved it, but I didn't accept it. Let's back up a little bit. To what I did. "Master!!!!!!! TOUCH ME!" I yelled at him. And immediately covered my mouth, realizing what I just did. He looked over at me, with furious eyes, and grabbed me off the floor where I was. "He looked at her with a gleam of anticipation in his eyes. He strode over to the dressing table and drank a glass of wine from one of the bottles. Then he rummaged in the drawer."Do you know what this is?" he asked, brandishing the knout."Y-yes," said Molly, the fearful stammer far from play acting."Over the chair arm, if you please. I'll teach you not to disobey the Sisters at school."Her 'Papa' was still playing the rôle in which he had cast himself, the irate father of a recalcitrant. Cammy’s face hovered over me. I tried to sit up, but Found my body trapped. Cammy sat on my torso, and pushed my shoulders back into the soft bed. ‘We’re not in class, so you don’t have to throw me off this time,’ she said in a soft, low voice. She motioned to her chest, more specifically her bra, which hooked in the front. ‘Would you like to do the honors, Mr. Willstrom?’ I never answered, instead reached my hand out, trying my best not to mess up. Despite my efforts, the clasp would not come. I was determined to give her as much as she gave me which gave me a pretty high goal to meet.After a few minutes, she moved up off me and turned on the sprayer and rinsed us both down then we dried one another off. I led her back to her bedroom and put her on the bed, then knelt on the floor with my face between her legs as I began caressing her with my tongue, running it along the inside of her leg, up her calf and thigh, stopping just short of her bush, then tracing down the other thigh and.
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