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I told him of my concerns and he assured me that he was not that kind of a person. Our secret was safe between us and he would tell no one. Well, that...was fine but we had deep feelings for one another and of course we would love to continue our sexual adventure.I went to the d**g store and purchased a good supply of condoms. It was embarrassing but thankfully the d**ggist didn’t ask me about it. I had to be very careful not to get pregnant. And yet I did want Lee’s baby. When you are in love. ‘I’ve waited to do that for so long now,’ he whispers. His hand cups my cheek, the pad of his thumb wiping away the tears. ‘From the first moment I saw you, I thought: ‘This girl is a handful. I like that. I’d like to kiss her someday…” ‘Why didn’t you?’ I whisper back, unwilling to break the close embrace. ‘Because. We had to work together. Inter-agent relationships aren’t allowed. What if one of us was in danger? It would cloud the other’s judgment.’ He says these words as if he’s heard them. I passed a few booths on the way and took a left up another set of stairs. As I went up it was getting darker and darker and the bulge in my pants was getting bigger and bigger. When I got to the top I saw a large dirty movie screen playing some straight porn and seats set up like any other theater. I immediately sat down and watched the screen. As I started to look around I noticed there were only men in here and most were standing towards the rear of the place. I was watching these men. Seems like instead of locking him up theyshould have sent him to a place like that instead.I guess I'm as ready as I'm going to be to talk about why he got sentaway. He got raped, diary, if you can believe it. It messed him up bigtime, let me tell you. And from what he's told me, it sounds like thebad stuff only got worse when he was on the inside. So I'm super happyto see him with a smile on his face again. We got the week together, andthen its my turn to go, so I'm going to pump him for.
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