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“Lots of T shirts say things that people don’t actually mean. I had a T shirt when I was in college that said, ‘Nuke ‘em all. Let God sort the... out.” It was my favorite T shirt. It horrified people, and that’s exactly why I wore it; to raise a fuss. I didn’t actually mean that the world should be blanketed in nuclear bombs.”“I’ve never seen a woman wearing something like this,” said my daughter. “Have you?”“No,” I admitted.“If it’s a fantasy, then it’s the private kind,” she said. “But still,. They smell divine..." I think that might be where you should stop," I heard her say but ignored her. I knew what she wanted, if she didn't. I reached up and filled one of my big hands with a handful of firm, full titflesh. Still, it was too much and despite my healthy grasp, there was still so much left untouched. I was a pretty good player in high school but I never could palm a basketball."Oh," she moaned as my palm digged against her nipple, "You really shouldn't." And now the taste."I. We tried to be very careful not to expose anything to our wives, but our meetings, more often than not, consisted of prolonged sexual encounters. In the initial experimentation phase, we learned that we both were versatile, very convenient, and that we both really, really enjoyed each other's cocks and asses. Live was good, better than ever before. Work was great and our frustrating sex lives with the wives were actually going pretty well, because well if either one of us got a cold shoulder,. Master – Yes I can see you slut are you in yourbedroomAmanda – Yes Master Master – You know how to start each session bitch –say the wordsAmanda – You are my master and I am your pathetic fuckslut masterMaster – Not good enough I am not convinced say itlouderAmanda – YOU ARE MY MASTER AND I AM YOUR PATHETIC FUCKSLUT SIRMaster – Still not good enough what will you do slutAmanda – I will do whatever you tell me to masterMaster – Are are dressed like a slut for me. .
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