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I was still lying in the bed naked when he came over to me a pulled his cock out of his shorts. I leaned over and sucked his limp member and felt it g...ow in my mouth. He thrust it a few times into my mouth then without warning, put his tool away.Get dressed Bill said, we're going down to the cantina for dinner, Maria gets off at 6 pm and were going to party with her after work.I jumped in the shower and soaped myself down. My asshole was sore from the pounding Bill had given me earlier. After. I was immediately attracted to her so I returned her smile but quickly looked away, a little embarrassed. When she turned on the shower and stepped back to adjust the temperature I stole another glance at her. We were almost the same height but she was in far better shape than I. Her skin was a beautiful bronze color and unbroken by tan lines. It offered an outstanding contrast to her naturally blond hair. Her breasts stood out as they do only in drawings of beautiful women. I couldn't help but. Just in her white thong, she ran into the warm water and dove into the mirror-like surface. The water cleared her head and when she came up for air, she stroked her hair from her face.The makeup was gone and her pure roman features were prominent. A nose a bit too large for her oval face and high cheekbones. Some would not call her a beauty; others would say she was amazing. In any case, the photographer who had approached her two years earlier while she was working at the cafe in her home. I know that when I touch you, you’ll be pulled back to day and I’ll be left in the twilight again. I lean down and brush my hand reverently over your stubbled chin. I smile, you’ve cut your hair. The urge to nip you a little harder than I should…I descend to lie across you. Even as I try to pull my self control back you stir and reach up to my lips. Dry, soft and ever gentle, you draw me down further into a more moist and thorough kiss. Your grip tightens and I try to shush you to be gentler..
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