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Slowly her eyes got used to a very soft pink light. She couldn’t see much, but started to make out shapes. There was something like worms, four inch...s wide, wrapped around her legs and arms. They had a warm rubbery feel and held her, but not too tight. Somehow she knew it won’t do her any good to struggle, or scream. Softly, in her head, she heard a voice. “What are you?” it asked. Too scared to speak, she thought, “Earth Woman”. Then it asked her “Who are you?” No knowing why, she thought,. .. well... you know we talked on the phone on Sunday about... us..." Yeah never mind about that. I was just horny. Forget about it." She walked out of the bedroom and went downstairs.What the fuck. I tit-fucked her the other day and she ate up my cum. Then we both said we wanted to fuck each other. And now this. Bullshit. I looked at my watch. 9:30. I'm not sitting naked around here all fucking morning."Kylie!" I hollered as I charged downstairs. I'm getting some of her whether she wants it or. We went into the living room. “Why don’t you sit on the couch? You will be more comfortable” he suggested. I sat sipping the wine and staring at Brute. He looked like he was smiling. “Stella just put your glass on the side table and slip off your panties honey” Greg said. I stood up and pulled of my knickers. I don’t know if Brute knew what I was thinking but his ears pricked up and he started back at me. “Sit right on the edge of the couch and call him” Greg said and I did it. Brute padded up. I saw a small smile flicker across her pretty face.I stood there. She looked at my face and ran into the bathroom, giving me a nice look at her bare round ass and slim legs. I stood there confused about what just happened. I shook my head and went to my bedroom, waiting until she was in bed so that I could relieve the huge tension she had caused in my swollen penis. I undressed and lay in my bed in just my shorts. In the darkened room my eyes still saw her nakedness, just as she had been only.
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