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"Jorie wondered why she was there. Why was she telling him about her problem with Vantis's impotence? Processing the connection between people's' acti...ns and their motivations wasn't one of his good skill sets.He finally connected the fact someone had planted a tracking device on the royal FAD and Vantis may have done it. Was Vantis spying on the royals? Remembering what he had seen with his own eyes about the abilities of Dothan, Jorie could understand why Vantis would be afraid if a tracker. The diaries of the second last to Queen of the Morgan box, Ophelia, were the most compelling reading.The last Queen, Rohan, had only been in possession of them for about fifty years. She came across as very ill equipped to handle many of the situations that plagued her. Ophelia had been a Queen for over three thousand years. It was interesting to note that Rohan wasn’t related to Ophelia.Ophelia’s diary’s indicated that she had been a new Queen when the prophesy stating that one of the suns. The quiet whispering in his mind invading his thoughts like the gentle touch of butterfly wings. As he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, realisation returned, and a chill shivered down his spine, entering his stomach in a twisted knot. A crashed ship in his back yard and an alien in his bed upstairs. He had to get the ship covered quickly. If anything got reported to the authorities they would be all over his secluded patch of England like ants.He quickly washed his face in the kitchen sink to. A happiness filled her as thoughts strayed from work to her lover most of the day.I forwarded to her the last chapter of my story that was rewritten to incorporate my desires for her. Based on Misty's reply, I was accurately describing something we both would enjoy a great deal. I found it hard to think of not enjoying anything I would do with Misty. Misty admitted having orgasms while reading my writings, which was a thrill to me. A longing had been created in both of us that would have to be.
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