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Akash was delighted and agreed with her.Both met in a coffee shop and had a long conversation. Both became friends soon and Kavya’s temptation was g...owing bigger with each passing day. Kavya’s intentions were clear. She wanted to have sex with Akash but she could not express it to him.The day had come finally. Kavya invited Akash for the dinner at her home. Akash came to Kavya’s house around 7 pm and Kavya welcomed Akash wholeheartedly.Kavya was wearing a white saree and a black blouse. There. They quickly got dressed and they all left with Venera when she arrived. The 40 mile drive seemed to take forever to Lisa as she was so anxious to get there. The urban area of the city gave way to farms, and then to a rolling wooded area. After turning on a series of roads each one a little more narrow than the one before, finally they reached a small opening in the forest and there before them was a sign proclaiming for the entire world to see "Sunny Acres."They pulled in and Lisa gasped. Once. I left the covers off just to ensure Allison would see my bare body.I lay very quietly pretending to be asleep. Allison came home at the usual time and did her usual routine of coming to the bedroom. She entered the room without turning on the light or making a sound. I could barely hear her move through the bedroom. There was enough light for Allison to undress and put on her clothes for bed. The process seemed to take longer than I anticipated.I found myself getting excited with the. Julia, obviously thinking they were a good idea now, rushed the couple of steps to sit beside Carol, took her in her arms, and they sobbed together. I was left standing there, wondering what to do. And wishing I had brought a LOT more hankies.I knelt in front of my wives and put my arms around them, "There, there."Moments later Prof arrived and, with two flourishes, produced a hanky for each girl.Things got more than a little chaotic after that.Vanessa was bawling already, and came over to join.
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