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”Before I realized what I’d said, Ashley’s eyes lit up and he started to laugh. “Is that why you’re not a cuck, because your woman only fuc...ed one other guy?”Ashley and Summer had a good laugh at that, but Summer showed a little compassion.“It’s okay babe, we’re just teasing.”I liked it when she called me babe. She called me that when I was fucking her. I wondered if it was on purpose or if it just slipped out.Ashley was finishing off his beer and with Maddie not coming back – plus the. I could feel each knuckle as it passed through my ring. He pushed it all the way into me and stopped, letting me relax. After a second he started sliding it in and out for a bit. As it withdrew, I felt something wet hit me. A bit more saliva then two fingers pushed in, stretching me. It hurt a little but I pushed back wanting more. After a few minutes and some more spit, it was time. My ass was nice and slippery and relaxed enough to take both fingers with no discomfort.“Do you still want me to. “I wanted to do this for a long time Grace. I’m an expert with this tool. This one is a softer one with a meter long leather strips. No marks, hardly any pain. I’m going to make your hanging meat writhe with delight.” She grabbed Grace’s hair and whispered while looking her straight in the eye; “Keep your legs spread and arch your back at all times Grace. I’ll flog you more and harder if you don’t…”Grace prepared herself for the inevitable. She didn’t know when the first lashing would come or. Her mouth stretched open and john felt her lungs fill as she prepared to scream. His lips skinned back from his teeth and he pulled his fist back and slammed it hard into her stomach making a soft smacking sound as he drove the air from her lungs.She collapsed bonelessly on the floor, small sucking, gasping sounds as she tried to get her breath back. Looking about john's eyes fell on her strapless bra and panties lying, kicked off under the computer desk. Leaving the helpless Sara on the floor.
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