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She complied immediately.“Well, boys,” C said, pushing down his pants, “What you’re about to see is possibly the roughest sex session you guys...have ever seen in your lives.”These words made Hamida fear. Roughest?But she didn’t have much of a choice but to do exactly what he said.“Rub it up and down, lick it, and suck it, like the cum slut you are,” C said as he directed his dick towards her.She reluctantly took his dick in her right hand, spat its head and started licking it too.“Well, well,. Lisa left me to finish my drink and continue getting Prince ready. He lay on his side lifting his leg to let me play with him. When she returned she had two large towels, a washcloth, children’s socks and a small child-size enema bottle.“What’s that for? ” I asked pointing to the bottle.“It’s lube to make sure you’re ready, when the time comes.”Lisa waited patiently as I kept petting Prince and quietly talking to him, watching his pink penis getting ready for me. I was soon feeling pretty. Sam explained that when she was in college she took steroids to promote muscle mass and one of the side effects was an enlarged clitoris. When she quit taking the drugs the clit stayed in its present state--oversized and constantly engorged! She told Claire how sometimes she would have violent orgasms if her crotch was rubbed by a bike seat, a weight lifting apparatus, or any of half a dozen other things, and not only was it big, it was also super sensitive. Just to show Claire what she meant,. I licked it softly and gently at first, before increasing my pace and pressure. I clamped my lips around it and sucked it slowly, then rubbed my nose against it as I licked around the entrance of her vagina. I soon went back to her clit, savouring the taste of her juice and the smells of her cunt. Inserting two fingers into her vagina, I found the ridge of skin – her G-spot – and began rubbing it in a ‘come hither’ motion. I quickly got off the bed and found my strap-on and vibrator which I’d.
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