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Kicking lightly and locking his leg in between mine. I was enjoying the fact that my boobs could arouse someone’s dick (since I always felt my 32 si...e will not do wonders on men) until he pulled me closer and swiftly yet slowly started to enter his hand inside my dress.In the middle of the lecture i was enjoying my boobs getting pressed.. He then glided his hand to my back and unhooked my bra with 1 hand… then he started taking pleasure of my soft flesh. he then rotated his finger in a. ”“One more thing baby girl, our new friend would like us to tie you down, arms and legs, now I have told him that is a boundary we rarely cross as I respect your feelings on that. But would you be willing to do this, just a little while, and then we would release you but keep you blindfolded until you decide to remove it.”“I am willing to try to Sir, but I don’t want to disappoint you by using my word if I can not continue.”“You will not disappoint me baby girl, but I would be very proud of you. . my son Ben!I had no idea he would be home! ... And at first I thought he looked in pain?In one hand he held my panties while with the other he held a very large cock and he was masturbating!Well for those who heard what happened in the following 20 minuets, you will know the humiliating shame I felt after Ben had coerced me into sucking him off!I had retreated to the bathroom – staring at my self in the mirror as the shame descended.But what made it so much worse, was knowing I had reached my. A few start gagging, while others throw up.“If the rest of you don’t surrender your weapons RIGHT NOW, we will kill each and every woman standing here. Not only that, but we will make you all watch as we painfully execute them, ever so slowly, one by one, before your very eyes!” the green demon is not playing. She’s mad as hell and none of us doubt her resolve. We all believe she’ll deliver on her threat if we push her to it.I start looking around once more, but this time I find myself.
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