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"I know, but he's kind of cute too."Brian snickered and Denny tore his eyes away from the lavender ones in that gorgeous face and glared at him. Brian...grinned and then looked away."I could do her ... um I mean search her ... if there's a problem..." he offered.Denny looked back at Val. He frowned. "All right, I'll search you ... but remember, you asked for this." he said darkly.His hands went to Val's underarms, his thumbs against the sides of her breasts. He slid them slowly down to her hips. He lifts her off the floor this time, carrying her to the bedroom while tickling her tummy with his nose, and they laugh when both of them crash into bed together. She gets on top of him again, and they do the same things, he touches her all over, nibbles at her hands, holds her breasts in his palms, all while she moves on top of him, spreading her wetness all over his cock and balls. She comes, and he sits up, but she pushes him down, saying she wants to come again, and they go at it so fast. Initially on one night stands but for the last eighteen months she has been seeing the same guy. In other words, my wife has a regular boyfriend.Our lifestyle may seem unusual to some but it suits us, both of us are career people and no desire to have children. The problem with being career focused is you tend to find the job takes over your life. Both Sue and I were finding to often we only had a couple of evenings a week when we were together and then more often than not we were too tired to. People have piled out the station with me walking down the roads home too. I’m thinking about my evening as I stroll, thinking how closely I was dancing with some older men tonight, men with wedding rings and greying hair dancing close to me, feeling my ass bump and rub against their crotch. Purposely exciting many men, and feeling my pussy get wetter the naughtier I act. Absentmindedly my hand has worked its way down to my legs; I’m stroking my exposed thigh. As I reach I bus-stop I stop to.
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