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"Are you okay?" I ask quietly."Yeah, I'll be fine. Are you? I mean, you don't look it." What do you mean?" Get your mirror. You'll see for yourself. A...d my guess is that I look the same way. We both are pretty beaten up."I nod, and slowly slip off the bed, standing up, then collapsing."Oh my god!" I moaned."April?"He helps me stand up."What is going on?" I remember the conversation from the night before. "Danny, what happened yesterday?! What did you tell them?!" Nothing. I think that the same. .you might learn something. Fuck, did I ever."Tim gave Faye an odd look. Faye rolled her eyes, noting how gaining asecond X chromosome clearly hadn't helped Tim's intuition yet."Understand her more, dipshit. This could bring you two closer." Any closer and..." Tim tried to picture being closer to Bobbie, but thethought was suddenly hijacked by a vision of her waiting at the Bakery,lying naked on the countertop, eyes filled with wanton lu-Tim blinked, shaking her head lightly. Where the hell did. I just threw her on the bed from my back and started to undress. Within no time I was on her, kissing all over her face, then to the neck, going on to her cleavage and to her belly button (I always liked her belly button). Her nipples were very hard today so I pinched both of them together while licking her belly button and she moaned in pleasure and pain.She then threw me to the other side of the bed and got over me and started kissing me wildly thereafter she started sucking my dick very hard. As aftershocks rippled through her, she felt his arms around her, hugging her close, and she saw, for one beautiful moment, how she appeared to him- whip-marked, tear-stained, hair flying wild from the thrashing of her head as she was beaten- and saw that she was beautiful to him. And that her submission to him had excited him deeply was evident, too- she could see the tenting of his trousers. Without a pause, she turned into him, reaching for his zipper. She’d never done this in her life, all.
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