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.” Hope finally said, and I nodded slowly.“You might want to clarify that to yourselves, before you go any further,” Uncle Drake said, and we bo...h nodded. He was right, I thought. I caught Hope’s eye, and nodded again at her.“And he knows we make out,” I said, my mouth just saying it without my brain being involved. Shit, I thought, as I said it. Shit. Now Uncle Drake knows we make out, too. I just told him.I looked at Hope. She had a slightly shocked expression on her face, but then she smiled. After that instance I couldn’t meet her often that too in privacy.Instance 2: There lived a neighbor beside our new rented house who were a couple with 2 kids. They actually hail from our native village and my age was like 12 so I used to play with their kids. Her husband was always a doubt minded. he used to doubt her wife with some in the locality but he was a horny guy.I at that time was in the verge of knowing more about sex I used to read story books and watch blue film in CD in friend’s. As his finger gently massaged her wet lips, Vaishali looked at Vimal with eyes containing a renewed sense of desire. She moved up and landed her lips on his and his finger gently started to rub her clit in slow circular motions. Vaishali moaned into his mouth and his finger slowly parted her pussy and Vimal gently inserted a finger in.Vaishali closed her eyes tighter as his finger intruded into her inner sanctity. The pleasure was mixed with an ache that she wasn't familiar with. She kissed him. “I got your mayo right here.”“Gross. You do not.”On this particular Friday, my buddy Jeff and I were making dinner at his place. Just burgers, nothing fancy. We were more than buddies, actually, although we were certainly that: we hung out regularly, and did guy stuff together like play tennis, watch TV, and such. But we also did ... well, guy stuff: like giving each other blowjobs whenever the mood hit. Not too long ago we had added anal sex, and even kissing, to our sexual repertoire. It's.
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