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I heard her say “Right, I have decided that you will either be docked some pay or I will punish you right now. What is it to be?” Then I heard Ji...’s voice “Please, I’d never done the deliveries by myself,” he said. “Won’t you let me off this time?” But she said nothing and I could tell she did not plan to give in to his suggestion. Jim then said, “I’ll take the punishment.” “Very well, as this is your first punishment, I will give you just 6 strokes of the cane. Strip down to your. " She walks to the bathroom and strokes her long cock until she cums all over the sink and mirror. I can hear her moans and groans as she pumps her hot sperm out.I manage to find a few of her things I can wear, hoping that if I cover up my body she won't be so hot to fuck me. All of her bras are too small but I find a sweater and some black pants that will stretch to cover my playmate figure.I'm in the kitchen when she comes to find me. She has put on a pair of my shorts and a T-shirt. Both. The black A-line skirt, cute with pleats and polka dots, was hanging up, way in the back corner. I’d never seen her wear it. I took it from the hanger and let the soft, flowing fabric sift through my fingers.The hair on the back of my neck stood up and my heart flew into my throat. I had worn pairs of her panties before, but that was about pleasure, about getting off and having something, anything of a woman’s nearby. But I couldn’t wear a skirt. Could I? I wanted to. Why did I want to?My eyes. I managed to make it back to the bedroom, almost slam the door but catch it, closing it quietly, before bursting into a fit of giggles.I ran over to the bed, leaping onto the mattress, burying my face in a pillow, and laughing hysterically.I was already laughing at the idea that I had to leave because they might smell me.I mean what the fuck was that about?So silly!And the idea of sex with Uncle Phil?That was just crazy, and unthinkable, but the more I thought about it the less I was.
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