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How can these people sell games saying they are as real as if you were actually in combat when a sniper rifle can hit a target two miles away with the...cross hairs right on a target riding in a bullet train going around a mountain in a blizzard? What about an M-60 never moving even a millimeter off target, while being shot from a helicopter and being firing from the hip? Even I know a nine-mil bullet doesn’t fly like a sniper bullet, it tumbles.I don’t know how long I was in this training chair,. I also like boxing, playing guitar and watching movies.Like every other Tamilian, I was also bound by the culture and I didn’t have sex till my marriage, I wanted to but, as you would know all the surroundings and relations they just eat you like anything and doesn’t leave you. Also I was from a middle class family so I didn’t have a chance to fall in love and break my virginity before marriage. So I was a good boy, worked hard, settled in life and finally my marriage was arranged. But I was. Lol. I am writing the rest of this myself as it embarrasses me to say these things to him. Jack understands and even wants me to experience anything I need or want to. He’s such a great person that way. The night he brought our meeting with Darnell, another black man, to fruition, and he watched as I was totally consumed by the feelings Darnell’s eleven inch, coke can thick cock provided me I knew I could never leave him. How many men would not be intimidated by seeing their woman obviously. Weirder than the facts that she could control minds and frequently had conversations and meetings with other personalities in her head.Susan had discovered that one of those personalities, Suzy-Q, had somehow been able to make contact with Helen’s mind and get the information that Susan needed to get out of the panic room that they’d been locked inside a few minutes before. She’d also learned that Suzy-Q had done this once before, when Helen was in surgery and her life was in danger. And now,.
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