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"I felt like I had a five foot six boner in my pants."I'm a brunette. Five five, 110 pounds. Brown eyes." Sounded good and half of it was true. I was ... brown-eyed brunette."I keep thinking about you." I keep thinking about you too." She had no idea how true that was."Walters, is that new contract draft ready yet?"Oh shit, speaking of boners, it was my boss. I hit the F9 key again."Should have it within the hour sir." I nervously stuttered."Good."Ah, my new lesbian love interest will wonder what. "Look, it's just taking her along. We can still get her back," Karl said.The sailors finally wrestled the gate open and managed to keep the islanders at bay. Karl and Jack led the way through. "Alright, half of you men with Karl and me, the other half, stay with the captain and hold this gate open for us," Jack ordered."My gas bombs, one of you, bring some with us," Karl added.- - -"Our flashlights aren't doing much good. It's too damn dark to see anything," Jack complained."No, see the tracks. I told her that I thought Earl would love to get into her, but I also warned her that once Earl was finished with her, she would be ruined; she would never be satisfied with sex with white men again.Nancy came over to our house on a Friday evening so I could take her to the club to meet Earl. I was dressed real slutty; I had on a tight little white top that showed some midriff, no bra of course, so you could see my pierced nipples poking through, and a short mini skirt, thong, and high heels.. Then I grew into a woman mirroring my mother. As my female urges grew I started being attracted to any man who'd pay attention to me. I had never had feelings for my father b4 as I know it's wrong and was previously repulsed by the idea of having the same sick that made me and my siblings, to fuck me. But I had recently found the pleasures porn can bring and stumbled upon a father daughter incest story, I was so aroused by it that I couldn't wait to try things with my father! A night came when.
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