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Somehow we conversed but I did not understand most of the things and was just nodding my head after listening to her.Her room was nearby the beach and...I accompanied her to that room. I also saw many Israeli chicks around her room and occupying neighbouring rooms. As soon as I went inside her room, her face was a bit sad. I comforted her and said that I can give her some massage if she wanted. She agreed and removed her top piece and laid down. She gave me some oil for the massage.I was feeling. She continued to sway back and forth as she slowly pealed down the silky, black dress.The dress got hung up on her breasts and black lace could be seen peeking from her cleavage. She gave the dress a small tug to drag it past her titts and reveal a sexy, black, satin corset with bra like half lace cups. The fabric was so silky it looked like liquid. As she continued to work the dress down her body, revealing more and more of the gorgeous lingerie, she turned away from us and poped her satin. You're going to put up with it."They moved slightly and ordered me to slowly move one arm out from under the duvet and put it above my head. I did so, still pinned to the bed and Kelly tied my wrist to the bed. She ordered me to give her my other arm and that was quickly tied to the bed as well.Suddenly they were off me and pulling back the duvet and removing my boxer shorts, leaving me naked. Marie took a photo and left the room."Don't worry," said Kelly, "She'll be back in a minute, she's. At this point we decided to leave, right after being thrown out. Rachel had told the guys about our limo and they invited themselves along for the ride back to the hotel. Brian and Billy sandwiched Rachel in between them on one side of the limo while I sat across from them. Brian popped the cork on a bottle of champagne and spilled some onto the front of Rachel's dress. "Sorry Rachel, how clumsy of me." Brian said laughingly. "We should try to get that out before it stains." Brian started.
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