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I don’t really know what his punishment was, but I never heard anything else about it. Maybe we’ve learned some things to go along with our better...bodies and more acute minds, but that’s probably wishful thinking from an old man.Speaking of bodies and minds, whatever happened to us survivors has made us, well, improved, I suppose you could say. Our descendants also share those traits, which has been a huge reason we’re as far along today. I’m not a doctor, but I do know that people rarely get. The fabric sunk between my luscious ass cheeks. I looked at my butt through the mirror.I had to admit I looked really sexy, the silky black lingerie contrasted with my golden tan skin beautifully.Next David handed me the tiny plaid mini skirt. I slipped it on; it was so tight to my hips. My round ass was pushing against the thin fabric. It came down a couple inches below the bottom of my butt. Most of my long legs were still exposed.Next was the extra small white blouse. I barely got it. Meri naani neend ki goli leke soti thi to unke taraf se mai befikar tha. Phir mai waha se chala gya aur apna jeans utar k undrwear aur ganji me tha aur kichen me chala gya. Payal mujhe dkh k nazar hata li. Maine usse kaha k “aaj bhot garmi h na” to usne kaha “ha”me: tum kuch halka kyu nhi pahel lati, is salwar me garmi lagti hogi na.Payal: nhi actualy meri halkiwali salwar dhone me h.Me: to kya hum mera paijama nd tshirt pehnlo.Payal: ni ni I’m ok mai apne suitcase k paas gaya nd ek transparent. They then bowed their heads and turned around to leave the church. They were joined then by all the children from the congregation, leaving only the adults behind. Purity smiled. It was clear that the Brethren of the Eternal Virgin didn’t want to be seen to encourage under-age sex. When the last of the children had left, then with a cry of ‘Hallelujah! God Be Praised!’ all the congregation stood up and stripped off their clothes with the notable exceptions of Purity and her somewhat embarrassed.
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