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It was more of a big corporation boondoggle than anything else. From my office it was me, one other woman, and six guys. I will tell you up front did not turn into a fuck-fest, so if that is what you are hoping for you can stop reading now. The hotel was top notch—big companies always book the best. The weather was of course nice but hot. That didn’t matter too much as we were all pretty well trapped in the hotel during the day. At the end of our second day everyone from my office. He didn’t know what she’d been doing in the last few days, but she was definitely different. She was more confident, more composed, and – he realised with a shock – far more powerful.“What in Aros have you been doing down here?” He asked in amazement as she wrapped slim arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. A warm tingle ran through him at the feel of her lips on his skin. “Your Gift must have doubled in strength in just a few days!”With a happy sigh, she nestled her face into his neck.. ” He kissed up my neck and jaw line, navigating towards my face. “I want to fuck you,” he whispered into my skin. Almost before he could finish saying it I heard a desperate moan, cut off by his kiss, that I realized was mine. He slid one of his knees in between mine and slowly started to push them apart. I felt my face heat up as anxiety and regret began to sweep over me. “I can’t...” I began, pressing gently against his chest. My stranger nibbled on my lip, settling between my legs anyways.. I only ever took one at a time; figuring he wouldn’t notice having just one fewer; especially when it would mysteriously reappear in a day or three. I don’t really think he would have minded; but I would have been mortified if he had found out. That’s why I couldn’t just buy my own; it would have been way too embarrassing.I shared them with Lydia, Darcy and Diane, we were a pretty weird foursome,’The Gang of Four.’ Hey, it was the seventies. Diane, who sometimes only answered to ‘Diana of.
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