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He sat on the chair and looked at me. His eyes were cold-merciless. “Take those fuckin’ rags off and get over here- right now!” he said in a ca...m voice. “This is some kind of joke, right?” I asked as I desperately looked for validation. “I’m giving you to the count of three, if you’re not undressed and over my knee, you will regret it for a very long time.” “One” “Two.” I wasn’t going to take any chances. Quickly and nervously, I took off my skirt and top and placed myself over his knee. . ’ I stripped it off and handed it to her, and she got up and moved a couple of paces away, turning her back to me as she began to undo her blouse. She let it fall and pulled the T-shirt hastily over her head. It came down nearly to her knees and she wriggled and pulled her arms back in through the sleeves. After a short struggle her bra dropped to the ground and her arms reappeared. She pulled the shirt up again and fumbled at her waist, and her skirt fell round her ankles. She turned and. The foggy mist was penetrated by flashing blue lights in her mirror. The driver’s heart sunk as she realized she was about to face the consequences of tipsy driving. Had she not stayed in her lane? She did remember a couple of times feeling and hearing the rougher gravel of the shoulder of the road, but she was in control of her faculties. The blue lights got brighter as they closed in on the back bumper of a black four door car. Riding shot gun with the officer was Dr. Montgomery Addison who. I couldn’t be too mad. I would have said the same if it’d been him. There would be payback, though, as both trainers turned to see what the problem was. I flipped them all off and dropped the towel. I figured they’d seen it before, so I dropped my shorts, took off my shirt, and climbed into the ice bath.“Jesus, Dawson. Have you no shame?” Wolf asked.“Don’t make me come out of here,” I warned him.Both Jill and Becky barked ‘no’ at the same time. That got both of us chuckling, and the trainers.
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