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Peter dove in first, burying ym hard dick in his mouth while I undressed. After a few minutes he stood up and I returned the favour, taking his raggin... boner in my mouth while he stripped.Once we were both naked he pulled me up from his throbbing, wet dick and span me around. "Fuck it buddy!" I exclaimed as he fucked me. His dick felt so good in my hole that I hadn't even noticed that the video was playing! "Yeahhhhhhh" Peter moaned as he began to take longer and deeper thrust into my willing. You suddenly cross that threshold, but now it's my turn to trap you.Keeping hold of your legs, I continue my pleasurable assault on you. A second release quickly hits you, followed by a third and fourth, rapidly. You scream and moan and beg to stop and continue all at the same time.Eventually, I release my grip on your legs, stopping the assault of ecstasy I am performing on you. Gasping for breath, you lie flat on your back, feeling exhausted. But I am not quite finished with you yet. I begin. I then told Mona to shut the car off again so I could put some covers back on and close the hood. While I was closing thing up, Mona got out of the car, and I guess she heard me ask Joyce what they did when they finished watching the strip shows. Joyce blushing again and started to tell me that they would go back to their room at the Hotel and talk about all the hard bodied girls and guys they saw that night, She also let it slip that the two of them would get undressed and sit on their. Tatya left about ten-thirty that evening and Gus climbed the stairs to his apartment, leaving his mother and father wondering what it would take to get the two young people back together."At least they're friendly again," Mary said to her husband. "I can feel the warmth from Tatya, but Angus is very cautious. Perhaps this visit to her mother will be a help to heal him. He feels very wounded over Tatya's abandoning him for that terrible man. I hope for his sake he can get past it." I hope so,.
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