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Then drops his face to continue to partake in what he felt was nothing less than an invitation moments earlier. The invasion of my privacy, the shock ...f my secret moment with myself being suddenly shared breaks my mood and the build up. I try to push him away, “You scared the crap out of me, I had no idea you were here,” I say angrily as I feel a blush run over my whole body. “Shhhh,” he smirks and easily resists my pushes. “Just lay down. You know that you were opening your pussy just for. He was in his long pants and the strap to his Jockey branded gold underwear could be seen. He climbed on me and kissed me on the side of my neck as I pulled onto the sides harder to hold him. He kissed me, then picked my legs and started licking the melted ice from my asshole. He then drank the melted ice water from my asshole, the feeling was sensational, I never felt anything like that. HE kissed me with his thumb in my ass as he fingered it, he made me suck his thumb. We kissed for 2-3. I stroked slowly as I watched her. She dropped her head suddenly and sucked one of those glorious nipples in to her mouth. I could almost hear the sucking and then the slight pop as she released it. Her slim fingers moved down on to her toned stomach. With one flick she threw the towel aside and dropped backward on to the bed. As she fell back her eyes fluttered open and she was looking right at me… I was frozen on my ladder, my stiff cock in my hand and plainly visible to her above the sill. “When the car struck the tree, the two of you were thrown together with a great deal of force and she’s quite badly bruised from that. But soft cushions are helping there…..”He collapsed into laughter and Karen let out a whoop of joy.“Oh, Vicar,” she finally said. “Your mother, Pillar of the Women’s Institute.”“I think it was your father’s pillar she was more interested in.” he said as they broke down again.“Oh, Yes. Very funny I must say. Your mother is a very attractive woman, Vicar and I.
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