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We use the most skilled torturers who knowthat women are a lot tougher than men and have to be hurt really badly to makethem talk. There's also a doct...r in the room to make sure they don't die. Thoughof course once it starts, they beg to be killed. The Colonel will be readyfor you in a few minutes. Oh and by the way Corporal Pereira will be doingany electrical torture he wants doing. I think your friend here has been verylucky." Diana's body left the bed for a few moments and twisted in the air. I wanted more and plucked up the courage to lean up into the next kiss, feeling more comfortable, more secure, happy. She was so gentle and loving. Our tongues danced in each others mouths, our lips pressed firmly against each other, a cocktail of velvet soft flesh and strawberry lip gloss. I was right, strawberries. She ran her fingers through my hair which sent tingles down my spine. Slowly she slid her hand behind my head, lifting me further into herself as our kissing got even more heated.. Your lips were so soft and felt as though they belonged against mine.We must have embraced and kissed for five or ten minutes before we realized that everyone around us was staring, but we didn't care. We only released when we realized that the heat between us was leading us onto an erotic path. We needed to be in a place where we could let ourselves go and an airport terminal was not the place. I led you to the baggage claim where you collected your bag, and we were on our way.We got out to my. I winked. “What would an elegant damsel like me do without some white knight to rescue me when I’m in distress?”Alistair chortled, and Aedan snorted in amusement. When it appeared Zevran had gathered the shards of his wit, Alistair turned more serious. “Zevran, we’d have protected you from the Crows even before you were a Warden.”“Some of us did, as I recall, even if he botched the job of protecting you from himself,” I needled Aedan.“I said I was sorry!” he complained, aggravated.Alistair.
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