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I beat that duffel bag senseless, but it never complained. When it cut and bruised my hands I didn't complain either. I was behaving myself even thoug... it was hard. I had slipped off to Abbottsville a few times but I never found the courage to go to the dance club, or to go to the mall when Kara was there."Hey you are the Sheriff of Warren County aren't you," A very well dressed young man asked."Guilty," I said. I just wanted to drink my drink in peace. Things were so boring I was about to go. Give me a minute and I will return the favor,” Sami promised. “I like that idea,” Gracie said. “I need some water, I will be right back.” She headed to the kitchen and got some water and brought the large glass back to the bedroom. She offered Sami a drink. Sami rolled back over and Gracie smiled mischievously. She moved between Sami’s legs and opened them. “I never got to taste your pussy,” she said as she leaned in and starting licking Sami’s pussy. Sami had made a mess with the orgasm. I assured him that they had and told him I would tell him the whole story when he got home. I said goodbye and checked the clock. I still had three hours before my k**s got home from school. I slipped a light summer dress on and headed for the elevator. The doorman gave me a knowing look so I was sure the deliverymen had told him about the whore in 56b. I couldn't have cared less. My ass and pussy were full of strangers' cum and I was happy. I walked to the corner and hailed a taxi and directed. I came to home for Christmas and sankranthi holidays and have seen her very less because when she came to my home I used to go to my room. On the eve of Christmas, mom cooked some sweet and asked me to give it to aunt her best friend. So I went to her home and rang the bell for which she responded after 5 min with a towel wrapped around her showing her milky white thighs and revealing her half boobs and I was just half mouth opened with no expression in my face and just thinking am I in.
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