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Walking to the end of the hall, Ava paused before the white double-doors of the master bedroom, the room she shared with her husband. Her heart was ne...rly beating out of her chest as sweaty palms turned the knob and pushed the door inward. A huge king-sized bed dominated the room, mirrors on either side to catch every carnal act. Scanning the lush bedroom the guys focus was drawn to , what looked to be, Ava and Philip's honeymoon picture on the bedside table. Their college professor and his. Teasing him for showing me heaven like that. I licked off his salty pre-cum and gave him a blowjob.He then grabbed my hair and started to push me aggressively up and down blowing his cock. I started to make heavy sounds. He was moving my head deeper and deeper that each thrust inside my mouth going deeper. The saliva was dripping out like tap water.Suddenly he pushed even further in that I could feel his cock too much inside. He cum a huge load inside my mouth that started to gag and cough with. ”“Miss Dawkins is a whore? I thought she was Clark’s housemaid?” he exclaimed, shocked and amazed, and having his ‘proof’ of malfeasance by Casper and me blown away.“She was Clark’s housemaid and whore, and now, because her employer and provider was committed to an asylum, she is anyone with the wherewithal’s whore. No doubt she wishes to move to Bristol, and have her skills appreciated by a wider circle of patrons than is found in Brackstone. The young woman shows a commendable spirit of. “I have to go out for a bit- as a reward you may play with yourself- but you can’t cum. And I want you to take a video of it. Okay?”I nodded, resisting the urge to begin right then, needing to touch myself. I waited until he had dressed and left before going to my room. I had a little tripod for my phone, and I set it up on the dresser across from my bed, hitting record. Then I laid down on my bed, my knees bent and spread wide, positioning myself so that the camera would catch everything. I.
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