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It’s ok we are all feeling all kinds of emotions right now aren’t we?” Debbie asked Jack. Jack just nodded and stared at me with those intense of his.“Can I talk to you ... sis?” There he went hesitating to say the S word.“Uh sure,” I said nervously. I waited.“Alone,” he added.I gulped. “Um ... ok let’s go to my room.”I noticed my mom eying me cautiously. As we walked to my room I could hear my mom, dad and Debbie start to chat. We went into my room and I left the door open. Jack frowned. Yet Randy still had millions, andeverything still went his way. While Paul was short and bald, Randy was6'3" with wavy brown hair and good looks, now he had 3 wishes on top ofit.Randy's body started to glow and he shrank to 5' 7", the hair on hishead grew longer and turned blond. The rest of his hair disappeared.Randy's waist got thinner, while his hips grew wider. His face becameless angular, finally a set of B cup breasts formed. Paul saw that Randylooked like a blond version of their cousin. Her boobs are like cotton, white and soft. I had sex many times with girls, but after having sex with young girls, I was interested in having sex with older woman. So I was finding a lady for the same. One night I was reading sex stories and came across mother-son sex. I was highly turned on after reading that.From the next day, I was not able to keep my eye away from my mom. I noticed her each and every act while she was doing household chores. I would see her cleavage while she bent. Checked. She then lowered herself and pulled the saree and petticoat all the way up and sat down to pee, with her amit sir also came down and he was behind her. He was grabbing her ass from behind while Kanan sat down to pee. She said, “Sir it’s not coming, please..” Amit sit stood and came in front of her and said, “look now I am not touching also now and I will give you also company”He again unzipped his pants and lowered it all the way down and took out his cock, seeing the cock again erected shocked.
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