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.. I’m Carole Forster. Yes, I’ve not been here before.”“Forster. Forster. Why is that name familiar? Anyway, it’ll come to me, I expect. Ah!...�� She cut off and waved at a younger woman, rather slim, across the room, who came across.“Mum?”“Rosie, this is Carole, who’s new here. Would you like to take her with you?” She turned back to Carole, “If you don’t mind, that is. I quite understand if you want to sit on your own...”“Oh, no, ma’am ... Margaret. I’d be happy to sit with someone who can tell. Bt bhabiji ko patanahi tha ki me unke ghar me hun so wo sirf towel pahenke hin bahar nikle tavi unhone dekha mujhe toh sarmake fir se bathroom k andar chale gaye aur mujhe bole ki aap kab aaye toh me bola ki avi hin aaya hun toh bole ki aap jara pichhe mudke Khade rahiye hume apne room me jana hai.toh me pichhe karke khadaho gaya toh wo jaldi se daudke apne room me jaa rahe the ki unki pair fisal gaya aur wo niche gir gaye toh me daud k gaya unke paas aur unhe help kiya uthne ko kya soft body. ' Reluctantly I reached up and took hold of his throbbing member, Willie placed his right hand on my left ear and pulled me to his twitching penis. Timidly I licked his penile head lightly as he pulled me closer and twisted my head around rubbing his stiff member across my lips. Slowly I parted my lips and allowed his member to enter my oral cavity, as soon as he thick head touched my tongue, Willie gripped my head tightly and begin to violently hunch his male member back and forth into my. You might even like it. I shake my head violently, No! I say a little loudly. The warning look on his face tells me Ive spooken to loud this time, and I can feel the fear flood my face. I clamp my mouth together and continue to cry. This is when he gets brave, he grabs my legs and yanks them down violently, ripping my jumper slightly as he does so. I feel so powerless. Im his sister what is he doing to me? He grabs my hand which has moved back to my girl parts and pulls my hand out the way..
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